About MK Data Services

Since our inception, we have built our reputation and gained acclaim as a company that provides exceptional customer service, top-notch denied party screening solutions and the best business value in the industry. Companies and organizations of all sizes have come rely on us for three reasons.


We believe that compliance solutions should be simple and easy to use or consume. Our solutions do not require complex software implementations, network modifications or huge investments to get up and running. Whether you are using our web-based Denied Parties Screening solution, Bulk Screening service, our best-in-class Web Service what you will find are user-friendly solutions that do not require you to be an IT "expert."


We believe that best-of-breed customer service is the bedrock of great client relationships. Our highly-trained staff is available to answer the phone and assist our clients from 8:00 AM EST to 6:00 PM PST, with that said our commitment to customer service means that we don't "punch out" until our client is satisfied.


Our mission is to provide the services and solutions necessary to ensure our clients are protected and compliant with all of the necessary laws and regulations. Our technology team is unparalleled and continuously researching and developing better ways to ensure our clients safety, compliance and to maintain the company's position as one of the industry leaders.

If you would like to learn more about our services, solutions or our customer success stories please feel free to contact us today or download our brochure.

About our acquisition by Descartes

Descartes has acquired MK Data Services LLC (MK Data). To read more visit the acquisition FAQ page.




What Our Customers Say

  • "The services provided and data generated give me peace of mind to proceed with projects that in sensitive geographical and issue areas. When red flags are raised by MK Data, I also get a clear idea of why the concern exists, and that provides a sound basis for exploring workable alternatives."

  • "I use the MK Denial Data to screen our potential customers and end users to ensure we are able to do business with them. Without the MK Data I would be lost! It's very important and it gives our business piece of mind. Thank you."

  • "MK Data helps ensure my company is being compliant with export requirements regarding denied parties. The search is for several of the Govt. provided lists. I enjoy being able to screen via all of those. This makes my search very efficient and effective. It would take hours to look at each individually.Thank you."

  • "The fewer people I have to throw into the penalty box for export/import escapes, the better we can operate. MK Data is so simple to use that everyone actually ENJOYS screening their customers, suppliers, visitors, and transactions!"

  • "We are able to do a quick background check on all clients that will enter into our building for training. The speed of this service is especially helpful when we have last minute attendees who show up unexpectedly and need to make it to training on time."

  • "It keeps us out of jail! Seriously, it helps us to make sure that customers we sell to are not on the restricted or denied list and we sleep better at night knowing we have done our due diligence in keeping our company's interests secure. Thank you."

  • "My company exports a lot of technical data to customers and suppliers all over the world. MK Data allow the company to easily check to make sure the recipients of this data are authorised to have it. This is a crucial part of keeping our company competitive."

  • "It is vital to have a screening tool that provides fast and reliable results to be able to be in compliant with Export Control Regulations. MK Data delivers consistent, reliable results helping our company and people maintain 100% compliance to ITC Regulation."

  • "We run every order through MK Denial. It gives us peace of mind that we are checking to make sure that we are not selling to someone that we should not be. We try hard to screen our customers. We don't ever want our products to be used by the wrong people."
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